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Fond Memories From Our 2017 Seniors

By 728 Cadets, 03/31/17, 4:00PM CDT


The 728 Cadets board of directors and staff strive to provide a quality marching arts program to the students in ISD 728 serving students in Rogers, Elk River and Zimmerman.

We’d like to share some of the experiences Cadet and River Valley Winter Arts students have had in our marching programs. Below are a few excerpts from the 2017 senior biographies that were printed in our Winter Arts Festival program:

“The faith that they have placed in me and shown me over the years has given me such confidence in my abilities in and out of music related activities. It has changed my life so greatly.”

“This group has helped me improve as a musician and a leader. And through this I have created friendships that will last a lifetime.”

“Growing up with a disability in my arm made finding a place that I fit in seem almost non-existent and I definitely never thought I would find a family in a bunch of drummers. I tried other sports, gave both soccer and hockey a shot, but that never really clicked. I joined marching band during the summer as a sax player and started to love the feeling I got working with such a talented group.”

“This group let me connect with my friends far more often and more intimately that if we had no place to go and nothing to do, summer after summer and winter after winter. And for that, I’m really thankful. Having a place where you feel you belong is huge, you know? Especially for us kids. The Cadets has been a great group to grow up in, and I’m happy I grew up with them.”

“I have learned so many things ever since I began besides how to spin, dance and toss. How to prove people wrong when they doubted me. I’ve learned how to overcome the hardest obstacles. When something goes down we GET STRONGER. It has made me a better performer, a better leader, more confident, and shaped me into the person I am today.”

“Life skills I have learned thanks to my many instructors and teachers will always follow me, and I will never forget the people who taught me.”

“Joining the Cadets has led to so many new experiences and opportunities I would never get any other way.”

“The 728 Cadets organization has changed my life in ways I can barely begin to describe. I have grown as a drummer, a leader, and as a person thanks to this group of people.

“Color guard has truly helped me find myself, and it has allowed me to meet some pretty amazing people throughout the years.”

“Marching made me more confident and without it, I would have never become who I am now.”

 “The staff are super welcoming and help you with anything you need. They also strive to make us better people, to be good sports and to treat others with respect above all else.”

“ I have been taught many important lessons, started many great friendships, and discovered a passion for performing that I never knew I had!”

“I’m trying to make myself ready to start the next chapter of my life, but it’s hard to leave such an amazing group of people that hold so many of my favorite memories.”