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Former 728 Cadets Director Impresses at Winter Concert

By Sara Nylin, 12/20/18, 11:45AM CST


Mr. Keith Saxton, beloved former Music Director for both the 728 Cadets Marching Band and River Valley Sound, has transitioned into his new role as director of bands at Rogers High School with apparent ease. 

In following the traditions of Mr. Christopher Moore, Saxton encourages students to have an active role in the development and production of the concert.  Students aptly named this winter concert “Moore No More” and thoroughly entertained us with a wide variety of musical pieces.  Rogers High School’s Jazz Band, Wind Symphony, Concert Band, and Symphonic Band performed.  The small group Avanzati performed "What a Wonderful World" as a tribute to Susan Romane, RHS English teacher who died of cancer in June.  Several smaller student-led groups even performed during the transitions including 8 Bit Brass’ performance of "You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" and the Freshmen Percussion’s rendition of "The Office Theme Song."  Students appreciate his enthusiasm and his willingness to allow students to be part of the process.  “Mr. Saxton is doing a great job picking up where Mr. Moore left off.”—10th grader, Sarah Barry

Saxton allows students to express themselves creatively through music while providing guidance, feedback, and encouragement.  With high expectations of his student musicians, he challenges students to become better instrumentalists and people.  Saxton is well-liked by his students.  While this is no surprise to parents and participants of the 728 Cadets Marching Arts, it is remarkable to see the impact he has made on the music program at Rogers High School in just a few short months.  “Mr. Saxton is a great middle school teacher and an even better high school teacher.”—10th grader, Owen Sabinash

Saxton also role-models how music can always be a part of one’s life.  When he isn’t directing, he is playing.  Saxton also played the clarinet and the soprano saxophone at last week’s 2018 Holiday All-City Choral Festival at Rogers High School.  Quite impressive! 

“Mr. Saxton has jumped in and is leading the band up, up, and away.”—10th grader, Gwyn Lien.  It will be fun to see where the band program is at their Spring concert.  Saxton has definitely left us wanting more.  Save the date….March 11, 2019.